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Office - St Kilda, VIC 3183.

By appointment only.

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Less theory and more practical
call-to-actions, including physical

handouts that are not just for looks.

Erol delivers your underlying business or event message through presenting your selection of the below topics:
  • The Benefits of Personal Relationship Building
  • Increasing Productivity through Awareness
  • Finding and Building your Professional Brand
  • Understanding "Compounding" in terms of Decision-Making
  • Breaking out of Noncontributing Cycles and Routines
  • Roles in Company Vision and Values
  • Modern Business Practices


Extensive preparation and strategy goes into each and every event with Erol, to ensure everyone is satisfied.


Your audience has a loud voice buried beneath a lack of confidence.

That is about to change with Erol.

Erol Soyturk does not "motivate" his audience to take action.

Motivational talks get your audience pumped up, energetic and feeling great... just long enough for the speaker to get some quick photos and videos for their next speech down the production line.

We don't give your audience a moment's burst of motivation.

We create "breakthrough moments" - something that ignites a truth or certain awareness that cannot be ignored after discovering it. By mixing in engaging topics with hard-hitting truths, Erol is able to resonate with the audience and really get your organisation's message across and hit home.

What makes Erol more than capable to create "breakthrough moments" is his ability to see (and transfer) what is "simple reality" and what is "perspective reality". In other words, improve mindset.


Erol is all about transforming others into capable, inspired and aware individuals. He hopes through his own work and the work he inspires others to do, to create a world where people live and do on purpose.


Important information:

Fees: $500/hr - initially billed for one hour.

If your venue requires more than one hour, you will be billed the remaining fees upon completion.

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