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Office - St Kilda, VIC 3183.

By appointment only.


Erol Soyturk is a Business Strategist located in St Kilda, just 5 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.


We provide leading solutions to dramatically improve your business efficiency, brand and marketing by leveraging modern technology, data and social behaviour.

Your business will rediscover what it means to provide paramount user-experiences, go beyond in customer satisfaction, and move closer-than-ever towards making a lasting business impact.

After years of providing forward-thinking business consulting and strategy to our closed network, you can trust Erol Soyturk to find your business breakthrough.

Very approachable and flexible ... I would certainly recommend Erol if you are looking for a fresh approach to your marketing strategy.

Jardi McInnes, Communications Manager

Westgate Community Initiatives Group



Improve the efficiency of your business to create better customer and staff experiences, along with sustainable practices.

Systems & Processes

Customer Acquisition

Technology (Automation)

Product Development


Giving your business back the time and labour you didn't know exists.

Did you know: the average worker spends 30% of their workweek on low-priority, tedious tasks.


Create a highly consistent and identifiable business image through stellar customer experiences and a confident online presence.

Office + Event material

Business identity + position

Digital presence + consulting

Hyper-awareness campaigns


What is your dream brand? We can help make it into your reality.

Did you know: it takes at least 7 impressions for a customer to become familiar with your brand.


The best type of marketing is an incredibly valuable offer and a captivating promotion to match it. No one can go past quality.

Social media strategy + consulting

Market research and testing

Web development + architecture

Full-suite promotional campaigns


Get your product and business everywhere your customers are.

Did you know: content marketing attracts over 200% more leads than Paid Search Advertising.

How can Erol help you?

Everything you and your business need to breakthrough.

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Great communication and even better service delivery is why industry leaders choose Erol.

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